Manual Belt Tension Tester

The spring scale type tester measures how much force is required to deflect the belt a specified distance at the center of its span. This is the force deflection method of tensioning belts. The Sonic Tension Meter measures the vibration of the belt span and instantly converts the vibration frequency into belt static tension. This is the span vibration method of tensioning belts.

Force Deflection Tension Method

The force deflection tension method does not directly measure belt span tension or static tension. The deflection force is a calculated value that is based on the amount of static tension required in the belt. Static tension is the tension force that is actually in the belt, while deflection force is simply a measurement to check how much static tension is in the belt. The tension testers used for the force deflection tension method are available in one, two, or five barrel configurations. The one barrel tension tester can measure up to 30 lb. of force; the two barrel tension tester can measure up to 66 lb. of force; and the five barrel tension tester can measure up to 165 lb. of force. Add the force readings off each barrel to determine the total force being measured.