Introduction to MEGAPOWER belts

MEGADYNE began manufacturing transmission belts in 1957 and moulding MEGAPOWER belts in 1975.Megapower timing belts are manufactured in thermoset polyurathene by a unique moulding process. The thermoset polyurathene gives superior wear and abrasion resistance. Several type of cords, hellcaly wound rolled up inside the belts , assure excellent dimentional stability and often high performances in terms of flexibility and traction resistance.Megapower belts are particularly suitable for power transmission applications.

Megapower use advantages

Megapower timing belt drives represent a modern end efficient system of power transmission. They combine the advantages and properties of geared drives with those of Vee and Flat belts whilst eliminating the troubles typical of each of these types of transmission.

MEGAPOWER drives allow:

  • Synchronous transmission
  • Constant and high angular speed
  • Excellent mechanical performance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low noise
  • Low installation tension
  • Minimum drive dimensions
  • Omega drive configuration
  • Customized belt engineering