PowerGrip HTD belts provide positive powertransmissiom for a wide range of industrial applications and offer many advantages over conventional chain and gear drives

3M and 5M pitch HTD belts are specially suited for low load domestic appliances, Office machines and hand tools

8M,14M and 20M Pitch HTD belts are used in high performance Drives in the machine tools ,textile , paper and other applications.

Key features :

  • 3M AND 5M pitch belt : for speed up to 20000 rpm
  • 8M, 14M and 20M pitch belts : capacities up to 100 KW
  • Wide speed range & Efficiency up to 99%
  • Long trouble free service life
  • Compact design of pulleys and belt , high flexibility allows the use of very small pulleys In compare to chain and V belt drive.
  • Gates PowerGrip HTD belts are made in five pitches : 3M, 5M, 8M,14M and 20 M

Ordering example : HTD 1040 8M 30

  • HTD : PowerGrip HTD
  • 1040 : Pitch length
  • 8M : Pitch 8mm
  • 30 : belt width (mm)

Reference Dimensions

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