MegaPower PU Endless Belt

MEGAPOWER timing belts are manufactured by a unique thermoset moulding process. The high-grade polyurethane gives excellent abrasion and shear resistance, combined with a variety of graded steel cords, ensuring high strength and tractive resistance. The result is a timing belt with excellent dimensional stability. Megapower moulded timing belts are manufactured to a tight tolerance range, which assures consistent length and thickness.

Special compounds and cords have to be tested and homologated on the application. Megadyne is not responsible for wrong functioning of special products.

These belts have the following features:


  • Consistent dimensional stability
  • Low pre-tension
  • Low noise
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • High flexibility
  • Linear speeds up to 80 m/sec
Technical Details
Belt Sizes