Megadyne Isoran DD

Megadyne’s loran RPP and loran RPP DD belts are a high power and high precision class of belt. Compared to loran imperial, they can transmit more power in the same width or can allow a reeducation of width to transmit the same power. This kind of belt uses a parabolic profile with the purpose to transmit more power and reduce the kind of accidents as tooth jump and to reduce noise.

The parabolic profile has a progressive pressure angle since the tooth root up to the top. This allows to have a taller tooth with the same pitch length. These two features lead to the following advantages:

Reeducation interference between the pulley and the belt and its related wearing comings from the torque peaks;

  • Less noise;
  • More resistance to tooth jump and to tooth shear;
  • Higher transmittable torques;
  • Less pre-tension.
Technical Details
Belt Sizes