PolyChain® GT® Carbon™BELT

The patented use of Carbon Fiber as the tensile cord in this belt provides increased horsepower rating for greater power density and compactness and increased flexibility.


All industrial markets, especially suited to replace roller chain drives. Narrow width minimizes reducer overhung loads and left-justified hubs on Poly Chain GT2 sprockets accommodate short shaft lengths.


  • Maintenance-free, clean solution for roller chain drive conversion
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Equivalent capacity to roller chain drives in the same width
  • Easy rust-free wash-down with Steel hardware
  • Fast drive conversion payback
  • Quieter than roller chain drives nNew construction provides up to 55% more low-speed capacity than the original PCGT construction and 30% more than PCGT2.
  • Gates curv ilinear tooth profile provides high shear strength, noise reduction, and improved load carrying capacity.
  • Durable poly urethane construction resists chemicals, oil, pollutants, and abrasion.
  • Nylon tooth facing reduces friction and eliminates the need for lubrication.
Technical Detail
Belt Sizes