Powergrip GT2 belts have twice the power rating of PowerGrip HTD belts, they allow more compact drive package to transfer higher power capacity , small drive package increase design flexibility , space utilisation and cost effective ness due to longer service life .

Powergrip GT2 belts also operate on Existing PowerGrip HTD drives.

Gates 5mm,8mm and 14mm pitch GT2 and 20mm pitch HTD belts have helicaly-wound fiberglass tension members embedded in a Neoprene body with the belt teeth faced with a tough wear-resistant nylon fabric. The three principal dimensions of a belt are Pitch, Pitch Length , width.

The part number designations for PowerGrip belts are depend on the belt. Belt designations are shown for each of the available pitches.

Key features :

  • Helically wound tensile member provides high strength , excellent flex life and high resistance to elongation
  • Tough nylon facing with low coefficient of friction protect the tooth wear
  • Wide speed range & Efficiency up toGT2 belts have twice the power rating against HTD belts 99%
  • Due to longer service life reduce maintenance time
  • High tooth jump resistance
  • Gates PowerGripGT2 belts are made in pitches : 3M, 5M, 8M,14M

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